Get Ready: Reveal Your Vibrancy To The World

Get Ready: Reveal Your Vibrancy To The World

Apr 2nd 2018

It’s here! It’s been years in the making, but now, it is finally here. TAMBRA: sea + botanicals, my very own skincare line, is based on a decades-long journey into my own personal, holistic wellness and botanical-based self-care. I’m so excited to be bring you these products that are so beautifully crafted and nourishing, you will be amazed by their results.

I’m so glad YOU are here too. Browse around, and see which products speak to you. We officially launch on April 15th, but quantities - which are freshly crafted in small batches - will be limited, so we are opening up an introductory PRE-ORDER period.

Reserve yours now! All first-time orders will save 15% off when you enter code WELCOME15 at checkout.

TAMBRA: sea + botanicals is uncomplicated, yet uncompromising, luxury for your skin, from head-to-toe. Innovative, natural formulations that are high-tech and artisanal, but without harsh chemicals.

My skincare routine revolves around HYDRATION - and specifically the magical ingredients from the sea, which is rich in minerals and vitamins - along with skin-restoring organic plant oils and extracts.

My 4 simple steps + the products I'm currently using:

1. Wash (Rescue Hydrating Wash)
2. Spritz (Time-Reversing Treatment Spritzer)
3. Apply Serum (Ocean Glow Mineral Serum)
4. Moisturize. (Multi-Vitamin Skin Restore)

Once a week, I use a REPAIRING treatment, the Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen mask.

Daily, I carry around our Age-Defying Botanical Elixir to keep my skin hydrated and glowing.

For my body:

1. Sacred Body Cleansing Oil (cleanses and seals in moisture)
2. Organic Body Butter or Body Love Lotion
3. Once a week, Mediterranean Pomegranate Body Scrub.

The simplicity of this all-over routine is using products that effortlessly heal, nourish and repair my skin for a flawless, age-defying, and glowing complexion. But it also plant-based, paraben-free products that can be used on my whole body so my skin feels and looks great everywhere! I’ve broken it down in easy to use COLLECTIONS - see which one addresses your needs or concerns.

I can’t wait for you to experience TAMBRA: sea + botanicals, and to amplify your own innate youthful radiance!

You are perfect and beautiful right now… let’s celebrate our natural vibrancy together.

xx Tami

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